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About Sean Kelley

Our Vision

Leadership is a skill Sean Kelley mastered while serving in the defense of his country. Sean is a decorated combat veteran. As a special operations N.C.O. in the United States Army, Sean received awards for his actions in Bosnia: Operation Joint Forge 6, and Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom 1.  

Sean Kelley has proven through the development of one on one performance coaching cultures within organizations, business vastly improves. He is currently utilizing his self-developed coaching framework, "D.R.I.V.E.C3", to help automotive groups, software companies, government employees, financial advisors, nonprofit organizations and many other companies obtain big results.  

Sean helps his clients succeed through building on many "coaching wins" over time, which cascade into one massive victory. Partnering with business leaders across many industries Sean has documented hundreds of coaching wins. From increasing employee engagement, career growth, lowering turn over, increasing sales and profit, along with bolstering many other key metrics. 

Sean's sales skills are unsurpassed in the automotive industry. He has been General Sales Manager of the top Hyundai Dealer in Missouri since 2012 and with him at the helm: market share has increased, sales volume, profit, and online reputation each consecutive year, regardless of market conditions.  

Enthusiasm and energy are part of Sean Kelley's DNA. An inspiration session, workshop or speaking event with Sean Kelley is guaranteed to help you rediscover purpose, and activate your desire to achieve more. Sean's ability to execute, care for his clients success, support their action plans, and be the long term accountability partner they need is what drives Sean's clients to succeed. Sean's goal: To help thousands of business professionals, managers, and sales leaders across America achieve their goals, discover career satisfaction, and obtain fulfillment within their companies.   

Dan Meyer

Your Success is Our Success 

Kelley Coaching promises to increase your value as a leader for you, your employees and company. We will help you rediscover purpose, and add fulfillment to your career. We promise that by partnering with us, you will break through barriers both internal and environmental that are limiting your success, your employees success, and your companies success. We promise to improve your communication skills, leadership skills, sales skills, and much more. As a result you will realize both your short term, and long term goals! Kelley Coaching promises to do this by being your accountability partner: we will always follow up and assist you. Your success is also our success; thus, we promise to be there for you when you need us. We will unite you and your team toward a common goal. We will help you accomplish your version of career satisfaction, inspire you, boost your confidence, and help you succeed!

The Kelley Coaching Promise

Expertise: Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Performance Coaching, Change Management, Training Solutions, Process Implementation, Business Consulting, Finance Strategy, Property Investment Coaching, Recruitment and Staffing.

Measurable Results & Proven Benefits 

There are many amazing results you  will see by hiring us! If you're in sales, you will increase your profit, penetration and market share as a result of Kelley Coaching working directly with you. Your employee retention rate and engagement levels will increase immediately through our unique employee and leadership development coaching. You will feel both relieved and excited as your team rallies around you with unified purpose as they accomplish objectives such as: greater customer satisfaction, increased repeat business, team growth, better communication inside and outside your company, higher productivity, process implementation, training buy in and absorption, greater accountability, career growth, career satisfaction, lower stress, better time management, and MUCH MORE!

Expertise: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Sales Management Training, Sales Consulting, Employee Engagement, Team Building, Public Speaking, Facilitation, Training Solutions, Process Development, Business Consulting, Project Management, Marketing Strategy.

Our vision is to help people all over the globe thrive through a relationship with a Kelley Coaching performance coach. We wish to provide business people the best coaching in the world, and help your ideas and messages become reality within your organizations. By teaming up with company owners, executives, leadership and employees we wish to make positive long term change and help as many business people succeed as possible!  We want to help you create a coaching culture that will make a massive difference in as many professional lives as you are able to influence through our coaching services. 

Dan Meyer has years of experience leading people and organizations to new heights. His background in management and finance award him unique insights on how to motivate and inspire people in order to reach new levels of organizational excellence.  Dan believes that investing in and developing people within the organization needs to be at the forefront to see sustainable returns and growth in any business.

Dan successfully drives results to help businesses and people reach the pinnacle of their industry. His knowledge in management, employee development and engagement, project management, performance management, succession planning, budget, finance, training, mentoring and coaching are what set him apart. Dan has proven to enhance the lives and careers of every person he deals with, which is what drives him every day.   Type your paragraph here.